Metro-Ashbury Model Works

Narrow Gauge Locomotives, Rolling Stock & Fittings

We assist in the design and prototyping of narrow gauge model locomotives, rolling stock and fittings, with a particular focus on the Isle of Man Railway.

IMR Engine No.16 MANNIN
(Accucraft UK)

Over the past few years we have been very pleased to work with Accucraft UK and Trackshack IOM in bringing to market a number of products for the garden railway enthusiast, and to undertake and supply single and limited edition model builds, conversions and livery changes for customers.

2-plank Ballast Wagon(Accucraft UK)
'Porthole' vented Goods Van(Accucraft UK)
2-plank Asphalt Wagon(Accucraft UK)
Roofed Cattle Wagon
(IP Engineering - MAMW kit build)
2-plank Fish Wagon(EMA Heritage - MAMW kit build)
Brake Luggage Van
(Accucraft UK - MAMW modified)
Ex-CDRJC Railcar No.20
(Accucraft UK)
Closed Goods Van(IP Engineering - MAMW kit build)
Bolster Wagon
(EMA Heritage - MAMW kit build)
All Third 'Pairs' Carriage
(Accucraft UK - MAMW modified)
Brake Luggage Van
(Accucraft UK - MAMW modified)

We are continuing to develop further items of Isle of Man Railway rolling stock in 15mm scale / 45mm gauge for release as Limited Editions by ourselves in ready-to-run form and as unfinished kits, with moulded resin or plastic bodies and scale IMR pattern fittings predominantly diecast but some whitemetal or brass.

Wagon bodies have an exceptional level of detail reproduced in miniature, including bolts, nuts, washers, plates, strapping and even the wood grain!

Wagon Stock

IMR 'L' Bolster Wagon

Original design of bolster wagons L.1 to L.4 (1874).

Available to order now - see details.

IMR 'H' 3-plank Open Wagon

Original design of 3-plank open goods wagons H.1 to H.20 (1873) and H.21 to H.26 (1877). Design and patterns complete. Expected release 2021.

IMR Fish Wagon

A series of five 2-plank open wagons built in-house by the IMR between 1909 and 1914 using redundant chassis of original 4-wheel stock. Model is based on Fish Wagon no.3 but braked and un-braked versions will be produced. Design and patterns complete. Expected release 2021.

IMR 'K' Cattle Wagon

Original open-roof design of cattle wagons K.1 & K.2 (1873), K.3 & K.4 (1877) and K.5 & K.6 (1899). Design and patterns complete. Expected release 2022.

Carriage Stock

IMR Half Luggage Brake Third Carriage

First introduced with the Saloon carriages in 1905, later variant bogie carriages F.40 to F.44 (1907/8) and F.49 (1926). Initial design stage complete.

IMR Guard Brake Third Carriage

Bogie carriages F.45 & F.46 (1913) with five passenger compartments and a small luggage / guard compartment. Initial design stage complete.

IMR All Third Carriage

Bogie carriages F.47 & F.48 (1923) with six passenger compartments. Initial design stage complete.

Our scale model kits and built-up models are intended only for adult model makers and adult model collectors. They are NOT suitable for children because of small parts which can present a choking hazard. In addition, some of the components have functional sharp edges or points and should be handled with care.

Castings and mouldings supplied with our 'Full Kit' and 'Body Only' options are unfinished and require trimming, drilling and preparing prior to painting, varnishing and assembly. Glues, paints, varnishes and modelmaking tools are required to complete our kits but are NOT included in our kits or supplied by us.