Display Bases

"Presentation is Key", an adage that applies equally well in the field of modelmaking! We have an exclusive range of hardwood-edged display bases.

Our affordable ready-to-use hardwood-edged exhibition display bases will both enhance and protect models and dioramas of all genres.

Available in sizes to suit most modelmaking and model engineering subjects and scales:

  • Rectangular bases: 100mm x 75mm up to 600mm x 300mm

  • Square bases: 150mm x 150mm up to 600mm x 600mm

We welcome enquiries from model clubs, societies, special interest groups, museums and exhibition holders for multiple base orders. From time to time we sell our smaller stock size display bases individually at model shows in the UK.


  • Recessed centre display area for inset surface detail

  • Hardwood edges lacquered and polished

  • Underside fully covered in baize felt

  • Rebated edge seat for display cover


  • Matching hardwood mounts for exhibit information

  • Surface inserts

  • Museum range for larger engineering and maritime models

STOCK SIZES: (display area L x W)

  • 100mm x 75mm

  • 150mm x 75mm / 150mm

  • 200mm x 75mm / 100mm / 125mm / 200mm

  • 250mm x 75mm / 125mm / 150mm / 250mm

  • 300mm x 75mm / 100mm / 175mm / 300mm

  • 400mm x 100mm / 200mm / 400mm

  • 500mm x 100mm / 250mm / 500mm

  • 600mm x 300mm / 600mm

Please note that we do not currently provide a mail order service for these display bases individually.

Edge mouldings on stock bases are made from birch with a rosewood colour lacquer applied. Undersides of stock bases are covered in baize to protect other surfaces.