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IMR L Bolster Wagon

Prototype model IMR 'L' Bolster Wagons shown with timber load and adjacent 'M' Wagon for reference

Expected first release in late 2020 - the original type IMR 'L' Bolster Wagon in 15mm scale for 45mm gauge track with 33.75mm coupling height.

The wagon body and bolster block are resin castings with an exceptional level of detail reproduced in miniature, including bolts, nuts, washers, metal plates and even the wood grain!

Provisional product, build service, pricing and pre-ordering information are indicated below. Additional photographs and the kit instructions to download available shortly.

Prototype model IMR 'L' Bolster Wagon
IMR 'L' Bolster Wagon Kit Content

IMR 'L' Bolster Wagon Kits (x2) - £160 (plus P&P) - including scale IMR pattern wagon fittings. Expand for detail...

  • Detailed wagon body with bolster beam

  • IMR wagon axleboxes, leaf springs and W-irons x 4 sets

  • IMR working buffer couplings x 1 pair

  • IMR safety chains with mounting eyelets and end hooks x 4 sets

  • IMR 45mm gauge wheels on axles x 2 pairs

  • IMR wagon brake gear x 1 set

  • Bolster posts, shackles and chains x 1 set

  • Assembly bolts x 1 pack

  • Running Number waterslide decals (L.1, L.2, L.3 or L.4) x 1 pair

Kit Building Service - please add £40 per wagon - for ready-to-run IMR 'L' Bolster Wagons. Expand for detail ...

  • Trim and prepare wagon body and bolster beam castings and fittings

  • Drill assembly holes

  • Paint body and bolster in mid grey

  • Paint separate fittings in black

  • Apply decals (optional)

  • Assemble wagon

  • Track test

  • Package

Important Information - Please read before ordering:

The prices shown on this page are estimated prices and may change before the products and services become available for supply - see our standard Terms and Conditions in relation to products in development.

Our scale models and model kits are intended only for adult model makers and adult model collectors. They are NOT suitable for children because of small parts which can present a choking hazard. Some of the components have functional sharp edges or points and should be handled with care.

Castings and mouldings included within kits require trimming, drilling and/or preparing prior to painting, varnishing and assembly. Glue, paints, varnishes and modelmaking tools are required to complete our kits but are NOT included in our kits or supplied by us.

Only light loads should be carried on our IMR 'L' Bolster Wagons at low scale speed to avoid damage to the bolster posts, shackles and chains which are made of soft metal and can easily bend or break.


Our IMR 'L' Bolster Wagons are a Limited Edition release of up to 110 models produced to order. Expected first release late 2020.

To pre-order on a 'first come, first allocated' basis, please contact us by email (or by telephone or normal post if you do not have email) and provide your full contact details (name / email and postal addresses / phone number) and whether you wish to pre-order one, two, three or four of the wagons in either ready-to-run or kit form (maximum 4 wagons per customer):

  • Single wagon kit - £85 (plus P&P).

  • Two wagon kits - £160 (plus P&P).

  • Three wagon kits - £245 (plus P&P).

  • Four wagon kits - £320 (plus P&P).

  • Kit Building Service - add £40 per wagon.

No deposit payment is required to pre-order this wagon. We will acknowledge receipt of your pre-order by email (or by telephone or normal post if you do not have email).

An Order Confirmation & Invoice for payment will be sent to you only when your pre-ordered model or models (in ready-to-run or kit form) become available for supply. Please see our standard Terms & Conditions for the supply of products and services.