Models & Dioramas

We specialise in the visual presentation of lost or preserved heritage subjects or scenes using scale models and dioramas.

Our innovative presentational and interpretative solutions are designed to satisfy the increasingly challenging demands and needs of stakeholders and viewers alike.

Dioramas engage, educate and entertain viewers by combining the visual impression of highly detailed scale models in realistic settings with a range of audio or visual interaction, dynamic model features, bespoke display cases, information signage, guidance literature and data sheets.

We undertake historical research and investigation into chosen heritage subjects, including photographic surveys, line drawing and data sheet compilation where specified, assimilating and interpreting results and issuing consolidated reports with recommendations to clients.

Our subjects include transportation (road / rail / air / sea / inland waterway), military (aircraft / land vehicles / ships) and architectural models. Scenes include urban, industrial, rural and waterside.

Typical project owners will be: preservation trusts and societies; visitor attractions; organisations involved in excavation, planning and re-development proposals; museums and exhibition holders; corporate sponsors; architects and engineers; film and TV documentary makers; private individuals.